WCW Clash Of The Champions XIX


The NWA Tag Team Championships tournament starts tonight, and Tony, Missy, and Magnum TA give us some of the run down. However, Missy breaks the news that NJPW will be having a tournament to crown a new NWA Heavyweight Champion, and runs off to get some more info on that. Bill Watts takes her spot to talk about the tradition of the NWA. HOOK 'EM UP.  All matches tonight will be first round matches in the tag tournament. 

Joe and Dean Malenko vs Ricky Steamboat/Nikita Koloff

I'm not sure why the Malenkos are the team representing Europe. They're from Florida. This could be a hot ass match, though. Not complaining. Joe was a big fucking dude. Got all the size of that gene pool. Ricky and Joe begin and do some neat scrambling stuff. Now that I think about it, maybe the Malenko's are billed from Europe since Joe looks like he might be Karl Gotch's son, and they both like to use the German suplex. Steamboat has arm drags for days, and he is in amazing shape. Maybe the best of his entire WCW run. All of the tag matches in the tournament will be under NWA rules, which means moves off the top are legal, and being thrown over the top rope is not. Despite the large size difference between the two, Dean holds his own with Nikita. Mostly. After fairly back and forth action, Dragon ends up as the FIP. He and Joe have some awkward exchanges, but Joe does hit the Rainmaker. Jesse has turned around on Steamboat recently as Ricky said Ventura was his favorite movie star. Nikita gets the hot tag and pins Dean with the Russian Sickle. Or whatever it was called since he's no longer billed from Russia. 

Z-Man/Marcus Bagwell vs Rick Rude/Steve Austin

What a weird drop off for Tom Zenk. He already did the heartthrob babyface team 5 years ago, in the biggest  company in the world, with an established world star as his partner. Now he's in the second class promotion, trying it again with a rookie as his partner. If only he wasn't a flake, he could have made a lot of money in the WWF. Austin and Rude start by immediately beating the shit out of Buff. Lol. Rude also beats the shit out of Zenk. No competition for him. I'll never understand why Austin didn't wear knee pads. It's not like he was doing an old school gimmick or anything. I'm sure he regrets it now. This is very much "dominant heels dominate underdog faces", but no one believes the underdogs actually have a chance at all. Austin and Rude are TV and US champion, respectively, in the major stable in the company. They aren't losing. It's not even a "faces get a few hope spots and almost win" kind of match. It's a "Rick Rude says fuck your hope spots" and easily wins with the Rude Awakening on Buff to advance in the tournament.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric speaks with the Doc and Gordy. Terry Gordy berries Australia. He makes it clear people want to see MVC vs the Steiners. No one gives a shit about the Puerto Rican or Australian teams. Lol, Doc talks about being from Oklahoma and drops the "Steers and queers" line, but actually says "queers" first and then says he can't finish it on TV. 

Larry and Jeff O'Day vs Miracle Violence Connection

Larry and Jeff are father and son and from Australia. They're probably about to get murdered. I always liked when WCW actually brought in international talent to live up to "world" billing. Sometimes you got guys like this, but other times you'd get nifty dudes from Japan or Mexico. This was a mauling. MVC easily advance. 

TO THE BODY. Jesse speaks to WCW Champion STANG. Tux with the face paint. Sting tells a David and Goliath story about him and Vader, but when he looks around and sees all of his Stingers in the crowd, he feels like HE is Goliath. SWERVE! 

Dustin Rhodes/Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton

Holy shit what a match on paper. Arn and Barry begin. Horsemen EXPLODE. I wonder if Eaton's Alabama Jam is good. I'd go to an indie show he was on just to get some. The first major spot of the match is Arn taking a hard bump from the top to the floor, bouncing ribs first off the apron on the way down. Paul E. wants that to be a DQ, but as Arn wasn't thrown OVER the top rope, it wasn't ruled as such. Dustin boots Eaton over the top rope. That probably should have been a DQ as well. This ref is clearly biased. Both Barry and Dustin end up as FIP at times, but Dustin gets it the worst. Paul E. gets a phone shot in to the ribs/kidneys. Arn is VICIOUS stomping the shit out of Goldy's head/neck. Savage. Arn hits the spinebuster on Dustin while Bobby was brawling with Barry on the floor, but the camera crew missed it. Dustin kicked out and pinned Bobby with a bulldog OUTTA NOWHERE.  

TO THE BISCHOFF. Missy is back with more info about the NWA Championship tournament. All four members of the Dangerous Alliance will be in the tournament. Doc and Gordy return to say there has been a bad wreck with the Puerto Rican team. Why, it seems like MVC vs the Steiners can happen...TONIGHT.

The Silver Kings vs Fabulous Freebirds

Well, fuck. Michael Hayes just won't stop haunting me. And he's going against lucha dudes. Good luck not being terrible. On the other hand. SILVER KING. Two of them. Of course, this match is ugly as shit, they have zero chemistry, the lucha dudes take a bunch of huge bumps, and the Freebirds get the win. Fuck Michael Hayes. He really shows why he's a Hall of Fame talent.

Tony and Magnum talking about the tournament when Ole Anderson shows up to talk about the Puerto Rican team being injured. The Steiners get a bye, and the tournament is being reordered.

Brian Pillman/Jushin Liger vs Chris Benoit/Biff Willington

Stampede represent. Just a straight up Stampede tag match. Liger and Pillman start. They're familiar with each other not just from Stampede, but frequent matches in NJPW. Beef is not the dude I would have brought in. The real money was in a Benoit/Steve DiSalvo team, in my opinion. Biff and Pillman spend a lot of time in the ring. Too much, probably. It's weird having my most recent Benoit footage be of him as a charismatic, plucky, rookie face and seeing him just a few years later has completely stoic and seemingly charismaless. He ends up taking a super backdrop driver, which certainly was not very safe. Liger wins with a moonsault in a match that wasn't much beyond some dives and Benoit's head breaking bumps.

The Headhunters vs Hiroshi Hase/Akira Nogami

The Headhunters are Bob Cook and Joe Cruze under masks (not that I could tell you who they are without the masks) and are representatives of the Dominican Republic. Team NJPW is the number 2 seed. I think it's obvious who will win this one. Akira hits a pretty dope enzuigiri early in the match. This has to be weird for this South Carolina crowd. Two Japanese dudes against two "Dominican Republic" guys, Hase being the only one they might be aware of at all. Team NJPW win with stereo German/Northern lights suplexes. JR called them both German suplxes, though.

TO THE BODY. Jesse brings Ron Simmons out to the ring. Ron Simmons plans to be the first black world champion in WCW history. Harley Race comes out with the Super Invader (Hercules) to interrupt the promo. Harley tells Ron to be an errand boy and deliver a message to Stang. "Seven different times I was world heavyweight champion, and I had a BOY like you carrying my bags!" Ron attacks Harley. Invader attacks Ron. Ron fights them both off. Don't step to Ron. This is a proper way to do a racist angle, since the racist immediately got his ass beat, and eventually his man lost the title as well.

Tony Schiavone and Bill Watts are in the ring to discuss the tournament. Even though this is a NWA tournament, it is presented by WCW, and Bill Watts is going to change shit up to make sure the fans  get their money's worth. He's going to put the Steiners and MVC together TONIGHT! Round two starts tonight! WE'RE GONNA HOOK 'EM UP!

Miracle Violence Connection vs Steiner Brothers

Bam Bam and Rick start. All you can ask for is someone getting blasted with lariats and some stiff suplexes. I've seen it before. Scott hits the first suplex. It didn't really phase Gordy much, but he still tagged out. Scott and Doc do a lot of amateur grappling, as you'd imagine. Rick hits a huge belly to belly on Doc. Almost all the way across the ring. Doc slaps the shit out of Rick, and tempers flare. Doc then lays him the fuck out with a lariat. Breh is missing his head after that. Rick is something not quite the FIP and gets a hot tag to Scott, who is smashed pretty quickly with double team gutbusters and shit. Scott actually IS  the FIP. Scott gets a second FIP segment, as a matter of fact. But are either Steiner really ever in peril? Doc hits a chopblock to the front on the outside, and then Gordy does a chopblock from behind when Scott attempted to suplex Doc in the ring. The Steiners have been eliminated!  

Dope show if you like tag team wrestling. A wide range of styles and types of talent, from all over the world.